Seán Keane


Monday 14 August




glór Studio

Granny's Suitcase - Séan Keane’s One Man Show

“At some stage during most of my concerts someone asks for me to sing an unaccompanied song. After the show people tell me I should be doing more of the traditional songs. People ask where I find them, well the answer to that is simple, Granny's Suitcase.

Granny was a song collector and she used to store them in a big old suitcase. And that is where this show has its roots and where I have mine. During the show I will be singing songs unaccompanied that I got from my family and from people who used to call to my Grandmother’s house. I will be telling stories about these songs. This is a show for anyone interested in singing the traditional way, just the human voice.”


Seán Keane

Seán Keane from County Galway is described as the `greatest musical find of the 90`s` by `The London Independent`. Traditional Irish, folk and even country and blues songs all lend themselves to his unique style and unforgettable voice. Growing up in a family of singers and musicians, Seán learned the sean-nós style of singing from his mother and his aunts. Singing was his life, even in early childhood; by the time Seán reached his teens, he had collected thirteen All-Ireland medals in Fleadh Ceoil competitions. He was by then an accomplished whistle and flute player as well and had taken up the uilleann pipes and bodhrán.

When he joined his first group, `Shegui`, he had already served a long apprenticeship; after travelling throughout Europe with the band, he left to join `Reel Union`, a group which also featured sister Dolores and accordion player Máirtín O`Connor. Later, he was part of `Arcady`, with such well known names as Johnny `Ringo` McDonagh, Sharon Shannon and Frances Black. After a short flirtation with the theatre when he played in the Druid production of the `Midnight Court` and the Abbey Theatre`s `Sheep`s Milk on the Boil`, Seán embarked on his solo career in 1993. `All Heart , No Roses` received rave reviews and was chosen as `Debut Folk Album of the Year` by Q Magazine.

In the years following, success continued with Meteor Award nominations, `Best Male Folk Performer` from Irish Music Magazine (three times) ,a similar award from the London `Irish World`, as well as numerous Irish accolades. `A Portrait`, a collection of Seán`s songs, is a multi-platinum Irish seller. All of his solo albums are platinum sellers and remain in constant demand.

Six solo albums later, Seán Keane continues to delight audiences all over the world with his live performances and recorded work. He tours regularly with his band in Ireland, Austria, Germany, the US and Canada as well as appearing at major festivals world-wide.