Consairtín an Chláir - Tim Collins


Tuesday 15 August





Tim Collins

Tim Collins is widely acclaimed as one of the great anglo concertina players and tutors of modern times. Based in Crusheen where he runs his own concertina school, he is a member of the famed Kilfenora Céilí Band since 1994, and he has toured and recorded extensively with the band over the last twenty-two years.

He is founding co-director of Consairtín: The National Concertina Convention and is also founding director of the ground breaking Irish Concertina Ensemble (ICE), the first of its kind in Ireland.

In recent times, his reputation as a music composer has come to the fore of his artistic practice. Among his most recent work is An Pocaire Gaoithe – a suite that celebrated Clare County of Culture.

He has also collaborated with visual artist Dr Deirdre O’Mahony, writing the music for her recent film-based art work First Citizens Speak.

His most recent compositional work is part of an on-going collaborative project with academic Nessa Cronin, contemporary dancer/choreographer Ríonach Ní Néill and visual artist Deirdre O’Mahony. Working with NUI Galway’s Tim Robinson Archive, the trio - collectively called The Performing Landscapes Collective -premiered their work Artists in the Archive in June 2016 in NUI Galway.

In addition to his music career, Tim holds a PhD from the National University of Ireland, Galway where he works part-time as a post-doctoral researcher in the Centre for Landscape Studies. His primary research interest is exploring the complex connections between music and landscape, thus combining his academic and artistic background.